A Marketing Tool that Works Day and Night — 24/7

The marketing tool that works day and night is a 24/7 online business. This means there are no restrictions on when you can market your products or services. There are no holidays, weekends, or even traditional work hours. You can start your marketing at any time of the day and it will continue until the end of the day.

MailChimp is a marketing tool that works day and night. It has 24/7 chat support, which makes it easy to get help when needed.

You would expect a company to have a phone. Nowadays, a company is required to have a website as well—a it’s matter of legitimacy.

computer-guyAnd, although it’s a complex topic, what could be simpler than utilizing the internet to disseminate your marketing message, educate your prospects, and convert prospects to customers once it’s up and running?

Businesses in the early days of the internet believed that all they had to do was set up a website and wait for the phone to ring. Today, a good website is a tool that ties all of your marketing activities together. It’s where your prospects start getting to know, like, and trust you and your company.

A well-designed website will have the following features:

Create awareness – here is where many prospects will begin their search for what you have to offer. Shorten the sales cycle by allowing prospects to learn about you, your company, and your product before meeting with you. Provide Information Access – Prospects interested in your product or service may learn all they need to know at any moment. Become a Referral Tool—when someone recommends your company, they may simply direct the prospect to your website as a beginning point.

Get straight to the facts with a compelling headline about how you address your prospects’ greatest issue or irritation. Forget about a home page with some boring “welcome” message—get right to the facts with a captivating headline about how you solve your prospects’ biggest problem or frustration. Keep the text brief and to-the-point, and include pages on the following topics:

Why interacting with you is a better experience than dealing with your rivals How You Work — Giving your consumer some information up front will assist them understand what to anticipate if a transaction occurs. Your Story – This humanizes your company; consumers want to know how it all began and how it has progressed. Your Ideal Client – Sure, explain the kind of client who benefits the most from doing business with you. Prospects will be able to see where they fit into what you’re providing this manner. Your products/services – this is, without a doubt, crucial. Provide succinct but accurate descriptions and prices, including photos if possible. Case studies provide evidence of your success with others and help prospects envision what the product or service can accomplish for them. Client List — Include a list of your happy customers, if relevant. This is also an excellent opportunity to include some customer testimonials, which will serve as further proof of your product’s value.

Why conceal your contact information till the end of the page when it should be on every page: name, phone, fax, email, and address?

There’s a lot more to a website than we’ve discussed here—for example, design, navigation, linking strategy, blogs, and search engine optimization. We’ll go through them in more detail in future articles. But, for the time being, start thinking about your new or updated web site, since if you’re not using the internet, you’d best get ready to go out of business.

MailChimp is a marketing tool that works day and night — 24/7. It allows companies to send out mass emails, newsletters, and other marketing materials. Reference: mailchimp contacts.

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