Betting on Web Bartering – A Success Story

Web bartering platforms have become a popular staple of the online economy. According to experts, these websites are just getting started and will expand exponentially in the coming years.

MintyBets is a company that was started by two friends who wanted to make it easier for people to trade with each other online. The company has been successful and has helped many people in the process.

A serial entrepreneur is someone like Bruce Mayberry. He’s been self-employed for more than 20 years, and his companies have ranged from selling high-speed data circuits to running an art gallery, and everything in between. He’s created plans for his own companies and for customers as a tax consultant, and he’s utilized both Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro. “My first company was all smoke and mirrors,” he adds. With $20 and a bright grin, I began a trucking company.”

Now he’s working on his new venture’s business plan, and he’s sure that he’ll be able to raise the $4 million he needs. “I’m not concerned about receiving the money. Money is always available with a solid strategy and excellent management.”

BarterPX, Bruce’s latest venture, is a modern-day barter organization. It’s a platform that enables users to quickly publish and trade products and services with a huge community of people. Bartering generates new business and enables users to extend their markets, according to the website. At the same time, it saves money by allowing users to sell their own products and services instead of spending money on required goods and services, allowing them to retain cash in their companies for other reasons.

Bruce has been working on the BarterPX idea for many years and has been doing so full-time over the last six months. A short look at the website shows a thriving trading network that uses contemporary technologies to barter products in the same manner that people did centuries ago.

Bruce has developed business plans for companies that are already up and operating in the past. “Sometimes all you have to do is refocus in order to squeeze out a little more profit. Those programs truly let you see things from a different perspective,” he says. He has a different objective in mind for the plan he’s drafting for this current company. “A well prepared business plan informs you how much money you’ll need,” he adds for a startup, “and everything else is incorrect, unsupported guessing.”

According to Bruce, Business Plan Pro is responsible for some of his achievements. “Every time I have an idea or a brainstorm, I utilize the program and it pays off big time. Answering all [of the software’s] questions actually opens you up to certain opportunities you’d otherwise miss.”

It’s not simple to write a business strategy. The financials are the most difficult obstacle for Bruce, as it is for many other “concept people.” “The balance sheet is the most difficult aspect for me. I’m not an accountant; I’m an entrepreneur. A balance sheet is something I can do, but it requires days of meticulous effort that I seldom accomplish. What a relief to enter the figures and have it happen,” he adds, referring to how Business Plan Pro handles balance sheet computations based on data entered elsewhere.

Bruce’s response to the question of what he considers the most exciting aspect of becoming an entrepreneur was revealing. “Are you joking when you say it’s exciting? Isn’t it nice to work 90 hours a week, worry about sales forecasts, rivals, advertising costs, personnel, and so on for a year?

“Well, I like it everything, but it’s not for the light-skinned. For a NASCAR driver, it’s as if it’s in his blood. I’ve never sold a company without having a strong emotional reaction – both sorrow and pleasure. It’s about more than money, yet money is constantly at the forefront.”

Despite his apparent enthusiasm for the process, Bruce is quick to warn out that it is not without its difficulties, particularly when dealing with investors. “When you’re talking to venture investors, you’d best be prepared. Business Plan Pro is very beneficial!”

While not everyone has the entrepreneurial drive that Bruce Mayberry has, he does offer some sound advise for those who are just starting out. “Indecision costs more than making the incorrect decision. Hunger, like the human intellect, is a strong force. Get out there and make it a reality!!!”

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