Business Nightmares or Kitchen Nightmares?

There is a recession, and it comes with plenty of warning signs. The economy has been slowly declining for years before the full effects hit you like a ton of bricks in one night. You can try to prepare yourself, but nothing prepares you for what’s coming when it finally hits home that there won’t be any more good times ahead.

If you are looking for a show to watch, “when did kitchen nightmares start” is the one. It’s about two chefs who go through many different restaurants and give them a makeover.

With the current writers strike impacting what is available to watch on TV, there have been several nights when my husband and I have struggled to find anything entertaining to watch after the kids have gone to bed and our work has been put away for the evening. Our tivo recently determined that we may like Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. We decided to give it a try since we didn’t have anything better recorded.

Gordon’s choices for eateries to “rescue” all seem to be on the verge of failure. Every day, bill collectors arrive, and most kitchens are a shambles (so much so that it makes you never want to eat out again). Gordon walks in and, within an hour, has completely redesigned the menu, taught the staff amazing new dishes, spruced up the dining area, and re-opened the restaurant to great acclaim.

I couldn’t help but wince as I watched two episodes because of the business nightmares that were taking place. I wouldn’t be shocked if more than 80%, if not all, of the eateries Gordon “helped” close in the next year. The restaurants are a catastrophe not just because they are culinary nightmares, but also because they are business disasters. There doesn’t seem to be a single owner that understands basic financial flow. None of the company owners seem to have planned any aspect of their operation, least of all the finances.

How? How could you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a company and never sit down to analyze the numbers? How could you risk your whole finances, your family, and your retirement and never consider creating a marketing plan? It’s almost as if everyone believes that their “desire” and “passion” are not just sufficient, but sufficient. I want to shake these individuals and reach through the television screen to provide them with a basic sales forecast and profit and loss statement.

What’s more intriguing is that Gordon Ramsey and the TV production firm seem to be unconcerned with the financial side of things. It’s entertaining to watch Gordon scream at the poor cook for providing powdered mashed potatoes with a $28.00 entrĂ©e. But, if all of these restaurants close over the next 24 months, won’t Gordon be worried about his reputation? Shouldn’t he be worried that a large part of the reason the restaurant is a failure is due to a lack of business sense? Why not enroll the company owners in a business bootcamp?

Consider someone like Jeffrey Chodorow, who had a huge success in the restaurant industry. He may or may not be passionate about cuisine, but he is more passionate about business. He doesn’t have to be the chef, the designer, or the manager of the “front of house.” All he has to do now is be a competent businessperson, and he’ll be successful and able to employ the best staff for his restaurants.

And please, don’t worry. I’m not suggesting that everyone who wants to start a local restaurant should try to be like Jefferey. Many people dislike how he does business and the businesses he owns and runs. He does, however, think like a businessperson. And anybody establishing a restaurant should be aware that they are embarking on a BUSINESS venture. So be astute. Do your homework. Make a strategy. If you understand your market, you’ll have a far better chance of surviving the highly competitive restaurant industry.

Isn’t it fairly straightforward?

Mommy CEO, Sabrina Parsons

when did kitchen nightmares end” is a question that has been asked for years. The show “Kitchen Nightmares” was created in 2005 and ended its run in 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between Kitchen Nightmares and Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares?

A: On the popular TV show, Chef Gordon Ramsay goes around and confronts struggling restaurants. He offers advice to improve their business, but often times these restaurant owners refuse his help and instead opt for bankruptcy.

Is Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares fake?

A: No, the show is entirely fake.

Do owners pay for Kitchen Nightmares?

A: The show is a free to air-program on Channel 5 in the UK.

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