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According to the World Happiness Report, people in Denmark are the happiest in the world. The top 10 countries on this list are all Nordic nations, and they have a long history of prioritizing happiness over wealth. This is not always true for businesses, but it can be an effective way to improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Happiness in business quotes are a great way to show that your company is happy and positive. Happy people make for a better work environment and they will most likely be more productive.

When it comes to developing a firm, commercial success typically takes precedence over employee morale.

As cartridgesave.co.uk has grown, we’ve realized that people create the company, therefore we’ve established a set of guidelines that we follow in all areas of our work: “Is it better for our customers?” “Is it more cost-effective for us?”

Pay attention to your clients.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day practicalities of running a company that you overlook signals that may help you enhance your business and boost profitability.

We get over 500 client inquiries each day, and we discovered that a significant portion of that time is spent answering the same questions. We were able to a) save customers’ time, b) identify parts of the company that needed upgrading or growing, and c) spare our employees from having to answer the same questions by creating an online FAQ to address the most often inquired issues.

Following the discovery of the most vexing client questions, one stood out above the rest: “What time will my purchase arrive?” To put an end to this question, we decided to take action in order to prevent wasting both customers’ and staff’s time.

We hired a new delivery company to implement an order tracking system, which has saved us around £700 per month and increased warehouse efficiency. This new service is already being used by 80 clients each day, demonstrating how much it was required.

For the appropriate task, the right people are needed.

By ensuring that we only hire the finest people, I am able to devote more time to examining how we might enhance other aspects of the company.

It may seem self-evident, but ensure that your customer-facing personnel has a good level of English and arithmetic skills, as well as all the tools necessary to settle disputes as quickly as possible.

Everyone should strive for first-call resolution, but do your clients understand what information they need to give so that their issue may be resolved right away? Is your team able to get all of the information they need, regardless of the issue? Make sure everything is in order and correctly labeled, and you’ll assist to alleviate client dissatisfaction while also reducing your staff’s burden.

Bonuses and incentives for employees

Keeping your employees engaged will not only result in a pleasant workplace, but it will also be recognized by your customers.

Bonuses are one method to accomplish this, but they may be seen as a punishment for the rest of the team or as a contribution to the odd overinflated ego. Long-term investment in your employees is much more productive. Pay your employees well enough that money isn’t a problem; they’ll quickly surpass KPIs, which will affect your company’s efficiency and profitability. Listen to your employees; we do weekly employee surveys to see what we can improve. Even little gestures, such as branded mugs or recycle bins, demonstrate your concern for your employees.

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