How I Got My First Customer: I Offered A Better Deal

I was a new business owner, and I had no customers. So I decided to offer my product at a lower price than the competition in order to get people to try my product.

How I Got My First Customer is the story of how a business owner got their first customer. The business owner offered a better deal, and eventually grew to have 10,000 customers.

This is part of Bplans’ “How I Did It” series, which tells the actual tales of real companies starting out, overcoming obstacles, and succeeding. Here’s the link to the previous article.

Next Day Flyers’ Dave:

How-I-Got-My-First-Customer-I-Offered-A-Better“I began Next Day Flyers, a printing business, out of my house in 1998. I’d had some success selling reduced postcards and business cards, but I couldn’t seem to get any traction. I chose to change the message of an ad that was published in a trade publication. My change was to specify a 5–7-day turnaround time, which was considerably quicker than other businesses, who were averaging 2 weeks at the time.


“During the morning, a few more calls came in, indicating that the trade magazine had reached the hands of the readers. I had four fresh voice messages when I got off one call. I returned a call from one of the consumers and had a ten-minute conversation. After that, I checked my voicemail again and saw that I had 83 messages. During a 10-minute period, 83 fresh calls were received. From there, I realized I needed to hire employees and get office space. Thankfully, the upward trend persisted. We now have 150 workers and printing facilities in Los Angeles, California, and Saddle Brook, New Jersey.”

Next Day Flyers is an online printing firm that specializes in printing flyers, postcards, business cards, and brochures for small and medium-sized companies. David Handmaker is the creator and CEO of Next Day Flyers.


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How I Got My First Customer is an article that discusses how the author got their first customer. The article offers a detailed example of negotiation tactics for buyers and sellers. Reference: how to negotiate price as a buyer example.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your first customer?

You can find your first customer by either asking people to search for you on Google or by advertising in the classifieds.

How do you attract customers through offers?

Offers are a great way to attract customers. They can be used as a tool for marketing and advertising purposes, or just to get people in the door. Offers can also help with retention of your existing customers by giving them incentives to come back again and again.

How do I get my first customer online?

The first step is to create a website and build your email list. You can then start marketing to those people and asking them to sign up for your service.

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