Invest Wisely: 2024’s Finest ID Card Printers for Small Businesses

Security is important to every organisation, whether small or large. Big businesses often have the budget and resources to tackle the harm caused by security breaches, while small companies usually need more resources.

The saying, “prevention is better than cure,” firmly holds for small businesses. The first step in strengthening their security starts with choosing the right ID card printer for their companies.

These printers make issuing ID cards easier and include advanced safety elements to prevent fake copies and unauthorised entry. With technology constantly changing, 2024 will bring many new and creative options for printing ID cards, especially for small businesses.

This article will list the best ID card printers available for small businesses, considering multiple factors to help companies make informed decisions.

Zebra ZXP Series 9 Printer

The Zebra Technologies ZXP Series 9 Printer is known for its photo-quality print and robustness.

It offers 304 dpi (12 dots/mm) print resolution and can print up to 190 cards per hour. The printer also has advanced encoding functions, such as magnetic stripe and contact or contactless smart card encodings, that meet the needs of most small businesses.


Zebra has patented its waste-free laminate design, an attractive feature for companies concerned about sustainability.

HID FARGO HDP6600 Printer

The HID FARGO HDP6600 Printer is known for offering unmatched safety features and flexibility. This printer can print simultaneously on both sides of the card, making work smooth and quick.

Additionally, the printer has different encoding choices, such as magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart card technologies. It also offers best-in-class 600 DPI high-quality print quality.

The best thing about this printer is its energy efficiency and speed of printing (approximately 230 cards per hour), which makes it suitable for small businesses.

PPC ID Card Printers

PPC is the first Australian company to make an exclusive brand in the printer market. Their ID card printers use modern thermal transfer and dye sublimation methods.

Their offerings include the PPC ID Series for direct-to-card printing and the PPC RTP Series, which uses retransfer printing technology. The PPC ID1000 and PPC ID3000 are good starter models for small businesses looking to upgrade their printers.

Evolis Primacy Simplex Printer

The user-friendly Evolis Primacy Simplex Printer is excellent for small businesses wanting an affordable, straightforward printing solution.

Although small, this printer can provide high-quality card prints with advanced security features such as UV printing and two-sided lamination.

Some more features include edge-to-edge printing, colour sublimation/monochrome thermal transfer, rewrite technology, and printing up to 280 cards per hour.

Matica XID8600 Retransfer Printer

The Matica XID8600 Retransfer Printer is another popular printer for its excellent print quality and security features.


The printer uses retransfer technology to produce precise, lively 600 dpi images that are difficult to duplicate. Additionally, features like contact and contactless smart card encoding make it perfect for businesses wanting total safety solutions. This printer also has standard security features like an electronic lock, Kensington lock, and IPsec data encryption.

Last Words

In 2024, small businesses should invest in a reliable ID card printer with features to cover their needs.

The best printers can encode smart cards, UV printing, and holographic overlays to guarantee the security of important data and entrance. Considering your budget and preferences, at least one of the printers above gives you what you’re looking for in an ID card printer.