The 5 Scariest People to Work With (Plus: The 3 BEST People to Work With)

Everyone has a story about someone they can’t stand to work with. But it turns out not all people are as terrible as we make them out to be! In fact, there are actually some folks who become more beneficial than any other team member. And the best part? They’re usually pretty easy to get along with too.

The “great place to work 2020” is a company that has made the list of the 5 scariest people to work with. The 3 BEST people to work with are: 1) The person who does not take credit, 2) The person who knows how much they don’t know, and 3) The person who’s highly creative.

Workplace stress may bring out the worst in people.

Even the mildest-mannered person may do or say something they later regret under the pressure of deadlines, sales targets, and one too many lattes.

A brief apology usually suffices to conceal a mistake.

There are, however, five “people” with whom you should never collaborate.

I’m serious. You should not place yourself in a professional atmosphere with these…MONSTERS under any circumstances.


The Five Most Terrifying People to Work With

The Vampire is a vampire who lives in the night.

Everyone around the Vampire is sucked dry of life. They’re the first to tell you why your ideas won’t work in meetings, without presenting any viable alternatives. They deplete the vitality in a room and are annoyed by cheerful people. They’re also the ones that complained to HR about your “garlic breath,” we believe.

ghostThe Ghost

Although the Ghost seemed to be a promising colleague or employee, their potential was never realized. They’re constantly around and insist on being a part of every effort, yet they never seem to add anything substantial. We wouldn’t be surprised if they’re reading behind your back right now.

zombieThe Undead

If given the opportunity, the Zombie would spend all of its time thinking up new ideas. Obsessed with fresh ideas, the Zombie is easily sidetracked and hesitant to apply anything that has a quantifiable outcome. It may seem innocuous at first, but once bitten, you may find yourself pursuing ideas with the zombie horde.

frankensteinThe Monster of Frankenstein

The Frankenstein is a contemporary wonder, resembling a respectable colleague or employee. On closer inspection, though, you’ll see that they don’t have a single original bone in their bodies. The Frankenstein, who regurgitates well-worn corporate cliches, can’t say anything without mentioning Steve Jobs, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Guy Kawasaki, or even Tim Berry.

werewolfThe Legend of the Werewolf

The Werewolf is a wonderful employee the most of the time. Yet, all too frequently, their temper swings wildly, resulting in frightening outbursts. They’ll blame everyone except themselves for their outbursts (unfortunately, full moons don’t come very frequently). Keep a safe distance from the Werewolf, or you can become a victim of his screaming frenzy.


BONUS: The Top 3 People to Collaborate With

superheroThe Marvel Superhero

One of the finest persons to work with is the Superhero. They labor hard in difficult conditions, shun accolades, and strive to make the world a better place. If you have more than one Superhero on your squad, get them to work together and you’ll have a near-unstoppable pair. Give the Superhero a lot of responsibility since he or she has a lot of power.

wizardThe Wizard of Oz

Do you have a project that you can’t seem to finish? Do you need a new point of view? The Wizard is always ready with just what you need, at precisely the right time. The Wizard is skilled in a variety of areas, but communication is one of their strongest. The Wizard has a lot of knowledge to share, and if you take the time to listen to him, you’ll be motivated to achieve great things.

unicornThe Unicorn is a mythical creature.

Some people believe the unicorn is a myth, but that’s just because they’re very uncommon and difficult to come by. Those who have the good fortune to work with a Unicorn will realize how amazing they are. The Unicorn easily innovates, is very prolific, and consistently goes above and beyond what is required of them.


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