Vsnap: Seed Funding Closes

Vsnap is a decentralized platform for the visual content industry. The company has closed its seed round of funding from investors including Vee Holdings, CoinFund and more.

Vsnap is a social media platform that allows female founders to connect with potential investors. The company has closed its seed funding round, led by female founders.

Note from the editor: This is one of a series of blogs from entrepreneurs in the MassChallenge accelerator program. See all of the entries in this series or learn more about MassChallenge.

The 9th of July is a Monday.

That’s when Vsnap, my business, revealed that we’d raised $750k in an angel round. We have hundreds of entrepreneurs and team members in the same physical place in Boston since we are finalists in the MassChallenge competition. On a daily basis, we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with our peers, mentors, and counselors.

So we received a lot of pats on the back and well wishes on the day the news was out, as well as a lot of inquiries regarding the complexities of closing investors and locking down funds. There were also a slew of emails from service providers and job seekers pleading with us to employ them. (By the way, if you want to sell me anything, send me a vsnap rather than an email.)

So, why am I sharing this snippet of startup life with you? I just promised to write here twice a month to share the Vsnap narrative and experience during MassChallenge.

1631495635_810_Vsnap-Seed-Funding-ClosesVsnap’s goal is to make one-on-one contact with consumers and prospects more personal and enjoyable. As a more personal alternative to email, we make it simple for you to send, receive, and manage brief video messages. The advantage is that receivers act much more quickly than email recipients. Using vsnaps to enhance sales, satisfaction, retention, and recommendations is a smart move. (While most vsnaps are private, you can see instances of public vsnaps on our company’s Twitter account.)

As far as days go, you’re looking forward to the day when your firm receives its first round of investment. That’s a significant one. But, as I’m sure most startup CEOs will tell you, by the time the news reaches the web, you’re already busy attempting to solve the next set of problems, seize the next set of possibilities, engage the next set of investors, and sign the next set of customers. And so on.

This startup existence is a really high roller coaster. And one of the things that’s amusing, and maybe not evident to those who haven’t worn the founder hat, is that your highs are seldom what others around you believe they are. You’re already passed it when they see indications of success and popularity (omg!). You’ve already thought out how you’re going to overcome when they see the proof of failure and loserdom (don’t make eye contact), and your shoulders are back and your chin is up, and you know – know! – that you’ll accomplish whatever it is that you began your firm to do. And that you will make a difference in the world.

All of this is simply part of the startup experience, and you must be able to manage all of your emotions. You achieve this by being persistent in your pursuit of bringing your ideals to life via your firm and products, one task at a time, then another, and another.

Hats out to the entrepreneurs who are reading this. It’s a lot of labor. Continue on. It’s significant.

I’m excited to share my experiences, and I hope they’ll be useful to others. I’m @davemacboston on Twitter if you want to contact me personally or tell me I’m an idiot. You may also email me at dave (at) vsnap.com.

The “anu duggal” is a seed funding company that has closed its doors. The company was founded by an entrepreneur and investor named Anupam Duggal.

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