Where’s Your Wow?

The term “wow factor” has been thrown around for decades, but it is still very difficult to define. The word implies something that will leave people breathless and fixated on what they are seeing. A wow factor in the business world could be a piece of information that gets attention or causes people to pause; something surprising or new in your industry can make an impactful statement.

“Where’s Your Wow?” is a question that has been asked by many people. The “is world of warcraft free” is the answer to this question.

This year’s holidays were spent discovering this small slice of bliss. It’s a location on Canada’s Sunshine Coast that I fell in love with so much that I’ve already returned twice. I had shivers and tears welled up in my eyes each times I caught a glimpse of the scene. To put it another way, I had two “WOW” moments.


I believe that as we become older, we have less wow moments. Consider this: youngsters may learn a lot of new things in a single day, but as we become older, we have greater expectations and, unfortunately, fewer new experiences. When you’re my age, a “WOW” means a lot.

So, tell me about those times when you’ve had an event that was so “out of the park” spectacular that it stole your breath away? Perhaps the birth of a kid, a wonderful act of charity, or a breathtaking view? Now consider your company. This is the company that you choose to start after leaving the corporate world. This company provided you with the opportunity to follow your passion. “When you look at what you’re offering to your clients,” I’d want to question you, “are you delivering, (I mean TRULY delivering), that WOW?”

I just finished a fantastic novel that brought this subject to life for me. Michael Hyatt’s book is called “Platform,” and he claims that the definition of a successful company is one that identifies when the Wow factor is missing and refuses to accept anything less. So, today, I’d want you to consider what you might do to blow your clients’ heads. To make them feel so good about themselves that they can’t wait to tell their friends about you and/or your products.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can go the additional mile.

Overdeliver — Take a look at what you’re already offering orally, in proposals, in printed materials, and on your website. Now, for free, give away something that enhances the worth by at least 25%. This may be a collection of your favorite books, limitless email access to you, a popular supplementary program, a VIP-only event…the possibilities are infinite.

Increase the value of your “new customer” experience – Do you go out of your way to greet a new customer with open arms? How do you market and sell your goods and services? Is there a welcome gift included? Do you have a clear plan for the following steps? Do you provide unique services or benefits to your customers? Consider allocating a budget for a new client only for packaging, extra time spent with them, and/or a unique gift or delivery. Go above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

Improve Your Communication Skills – How frequently and in what format do you communicate with your consumers after they’ve made a purchase? Consider combining emails, phone calls, and even a personal encounter with thank you notes, reminders, or cards in the mail. Give Christmas chocolates or a Christmas basket if your rivals send Christmas cards. Send them relevant information or put them in touch with someone who can.

When they go, thank them — as small company owners, we may be easily insulted when a client decides not to deal with us any more. Consider their astonishment if you express thanks even as you go. It’s critical to get as much information as possible from exiting organizations in order to figure out what you can modify and better. Make sure you ask them, then thank them for their business and express your regret for having to let them leave. Ask them what they liked and what you might do better, and then send them a handwritten message or a little present in the mail as a thank you.

Your Obstacle (should you choose to accept it)

Some argue that investing your marketing resources in a lousy (or blasé) product or service is one of the fastest ways to go out of business. However, losing your enthusiasm for your company and going through the motions while knowing you might be doing more may be tragic. Make an impression, be memorable, and keep raising the “wow” factor. What is one thing you can do right now to wow your customers?

Also, feel free to share any “wow” experiences you’ve had. I’d be delighted to hear them.

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