Preparing Your Car for Shipping to or from New York


New York City is made up of 5 boroughs, with Manhattan sitting pretty at the center. It is home to many iconic buildings and sites, such as the Central Park and Empire State Building. Additionally, Broadway Theatre, as well as many fun activities, is often hosted in Times Square.

NYC is also the global headquarters of a good number of industries which span from fashion to financial services and entertainment and media. This means that it is a good location for your business especially if you are in any of the afore-mentioned fields or seek to pursue a career in any of them. 

Best of all is the fact that it is noted to be a place that has government support for start-ups and also business-friendly policies. You can visit more information. 

Based on the above, it comes as no surprise that people are moving to the city for work and other purposes. Conversely, people are also moving out of the city for reasons best known to them. We all know that when people move, they often go with their properties, and one of the properties that people often move with is their cars. There are many ways of moving with your vehicle from one location to the other. 

The various ways of relocating vehicles include driving the car, shipping it, or employing a driver to drive it there. No matter which method you choose, you must, of necessity, prepare the vehicle for the journey. In this article, however, we will focus on how to prepare your car for shipping to or from NYC. 

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Shipping   

Before you hand over your car to any shipping agent or company, there are things you need to do to ensure that all goes well. The following tips will help you prepare adequately:- 

Clean and De-clutter the Car 

The simple act of cleaning up your vehicle makes it easier to know where there are scratches and dents before shipping. Additionally, de-cluttering the vehicle makes it easier for pre-shipping inspection to go seamlessly. This would forestall any argument or issues if your car arrives with dents and scratches or damages that weren’t on it before shipping. 

Document the State of the Vehicle 

Following the act of cleaning up the vehicle, you need to go ahead and document the state of the car. It is said that pictures speak louder than a thousand words; now, imagine how loud videos speak! 

Therefore get a pictorial documentation of your car and also do a walk around video to get every angle and part of the car. Ensure that you do this in the presence of a witness from the auto transport company. Click hereto read about the importance of pictorial evidence.

Secure or Remove Loose Items 

Every automobile comes with different accessories and owners also often get more add-ons for their vehicles. These add-ons and accessories can be easily damaged or stolen in the course of the transportation. It is therefore recommended that you secured items that can be secured and remove those that can’t. Some of these items include fog lights, dash cams, spoilers or antennas, GPS units, toll tags or radar detectors.

Check the Fuel Level 

You need to check the fuel level of the car to ensure that it is not more than a quarter of the tank. This is to lighten the weight of the vehicle as a full tank will add to the overall weight and can jeopardize safety. In addition to that, most shipping companies calculate the cost of auto transport based on the overall weight of the vehicles. 

Check the Tires and Battery of the Car 

Ensure that the battery of the vehicle is completely charged and the tires are fully and appropriately inflated. If you leave the battery to die or the tires flat, it would complicate the transportation process and cause a delay

Switch off the Car Alarm 

Make sure that you disable the alarm of the car so as to save the shipping company the stress of having the alarm go off in the course of the journey. 

Communicate with the Shipping Company 

Effective communication with the shipping company will also go a long way in helping you prepare adequately. In order to get secure car shipping to New York, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined by the company. If there is anything you don’t agree with, do well to state it clearly and have it settled before you bring your car for shipping. 


Shipping a car from one location to another requires proper planning. You need to start making preparations quite early so as to get the best out of the process. It is recommended that you start as early as a month ahead if possible so as to get a good deal. Starting early also gives you the opportunity to search for and locate the best auto transport company to use. 

We have also shared important tips that will help you prepare your vehicle for shipping to and from NYC. Note that these tips will also come in handy anywhere else in the country.