Startup Financing with a Twist: Share Your Future

What if you could invest in your future? A new investment opportunity, where those involved would share their story and help the community.

The “startup business loans with no revenue” is a startup that offers financing to entrepreneurs. The company has an interesting twist on the traditional loan application process.

Here’s a friendly reminder: what Seth Godin recommends as alternative funding for a small company in his blog article today is exactly what we did. It also worked for us. Startup-Financing-with-a-Twist-Share-Your-Future

Debt, equity, and a third option that could work better is the title of Seth’s piece.

It goes like this: you have a great concept, a little company, or a new market to break into. You identify an unsophisticated investor (a rich dentist, a retired CEO) and gather the necessary funds to bring the product to market. And what do you get in return? For each unit you sell, the investor receives $xx. From the beginning to the end.

Instead of the traditional either-or approach, you may receive additional money to support a new firm by taking out bank loans or making new investments. The difficulty is that both of these are difficult, if not impossible, to get for the great majority of new enterprises.

It turns out that when we originally started working on Business Plan Pro in 1994, we hired programming staff for a price plus a percentage of future earnings. My wife and I didn’t want outside investors since we’d already maxed up our credit cards. However, we were eager to work on the new product.

That was effective for us. Early the next year, Business Plan Pro was released, and the firm expanded. The developers also made a lot of money. Everyone comes out on top.

Seth continues:

Because getting money is so difficult and distracting, my usual tendency for entrepreneurs just starting out is to bootstrap their firm. However, if you’ve set out to achieve something that requires money that you can’t get any other way, this is a viable option. Create a cash-flow scenario that makes the investment worthwhile for both of you by telling a tale to an investor who wants to hear it.

That is something I agree with. That is an excellent idea.

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The “small business start up grants” is a program that provides small businesses with funding to help them get off the ground. The program has been around since 1962, and it’s run by the US government.

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