The Rising Cost of PB&J….

PB&J sandwiches are a staple in America, but now the cost of filling that sandwich is rising.

The “what is a good pb ratio” is the question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question varies depending on what type of peanut butter you are using, how much bread you are using, and how much jelly you are using.

The Rising Cost of PB&J….

I have a favorite restaurant in Eugene that I adore…or should I say, used to adore. This café has a number of sites across town and is quite popular. They are seeking to profit from their achievement, just as any other company would. As a result, they’ve recently launched the town’s first “franchise model” shop. But, if this new shop is any indicator of their future success, I wish them well.

On Saturday, I took my two kids to this new place. I ordered my normal dish, only to discover that it was lacking in several of the elements I’m used to. I was informed I could pay $1.00 more for a little additional sauce to put on my rather dry plate when I asked for it.

After that, I got a PB&J plate for my kids to share and a $2.50 bottle of water. I was surprised when the cashier gave me my amount – $6.00 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a plate. There will be no chips on the side. There is no fruit. There’s nothing. She affirmed that she had rung it up properly when I inquired whether she had rung it up correctly. 

When I asked for a little cup to pour some water into for my kid, it was equally startling. No, I was told flatly…that I needed to go out and purchase a drink. What do you think that $2.50 bottle of water I just purchased belongs to?! She informed me that I needed to purchase a fountain beverage. (The fountain drink, incidentally, costs $1.25 — they should do the math on that one.)

As much as I like this local favorite, I really hope they reconsider their method before expanding. Perhaps if they spent less on the teak booths and marble countertops, they might save some money and put it towards items that would keep consumers coming back. If done correctly, growth may be beneficial. Changing your image and straying from what made you successful in the first place might lead to trouble.

The old saying is true: make a client happy, and they will tell one person about you. Make them angry, and they’ll tell ten people.

–Beth Anne

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PB ratio indicate?

A: PB ratio is a measure of how much time it takes for you to beat the song. Its calculated by dividing your total score with your best possible score (found here: If it took you 1 hour to complete a 100% run, and then there are 3 minutes left in that run, then youre running at 50%.

Is high PB ratio good?

A: Yes. It is good to use the rhythm of the game to earn more points and reach a higher score in each song.

What is a good PB ratio for stocks?

A: The best PB ratio for stocks is usually between 1, but this varies depending on the stock and your personal preference.

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