What Is a Doing Business As (DBA)?

A Doing Business As (DBA) is a business entity that does not exist in the form of an independent legal person. A DBA may, for example, be created by another company or organization to share profits with it without having to create separate accounting books.

A DBA is a business entity that uses a different name than the one it’s registered under. For example, if you are registered as “John Smith,” your DBA might be “Smith Company.”

The term “doing business as” refers to a corporate name, often known as a “fictitious business name.”

When a single proprietor runs a business under a name other than his or her own given name, a DBA or fake business name registration demonstrates legal ownership to satisfy banks, government agencies, and consumers.

So, unless you’re called Acme, you’ll need your DBA to establish a bank account, pay workers, and do business as the Acme Restaurant.

In most states, you may get this registration via the county government for less than $100, which includes a modest registration charge and a necessary newspaper advertisement.

Check out The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name for additional information.

A “doing business as” is the name that an entity uses to identify itself. For example, if your company’s name is ABC Inc., then you would use ABC Inc. as your doing business as. Reference: what is a dba for an llc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does enter doing business as DBA mean?

A: DBA is short for Doing Business As. Its a business name that most businesses use in order to protect their personal and financial information from prying eyes by preventing the release of said information without proper identification verification.

What type of business is a DBA?

A: A DBA is a tax designation for an individual or business which conducts the business of another corporation. It must be noted that this usually applies to international corporations or foreign subsidiaries who conduct their operations in the United States, rather than American-based businesses conducting overseas operations through other entities.

What does a DBA let you do?

A: A DBA is a Database Administrator. They are the people who create, maintain, and manage databases for organizations that use them.

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