What Is the First Mover?

A company’s first mover advantage comes from the speed at which they enter a market, establish themselves and gain all of the benefits that come with it.

The “first mover examples” is a phrase that refers to the first company in an industry to introduce a new product or service. It has been used by economists and business historians for centuries.

A first mover is a business that tries to create an unrivaled, privileged market position by being the first to enter a certain market.

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The “first-mover advantage examples” is a term that refers to the idea that the first company in a market has an advantage over later entrants. The term was coined by Clayton Christensen and it’s been applied to many industries such as retail, manufacturing, and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is first-mover and example?

A: First-mover is the first company to introduce a new product or service. Example of first-mover would be Amazon with their online retailing concept and Google with search engine technology.

What is first and second-mover?

A: First-mover is the company that initiates a product, service or innovation first. Second-mover is the one who follows after with an equivalent but competing idea.

What do you mean by first-mover advantage?

A: The first-mover advantage is the status of a company in a market because they entered it before other competitors and established themselves. It can be seen as an unfair advantage for this reason.

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